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Dr. Eric Shoars is a renowned edusuader whose expertise is sought-after across America and internationally. Eric enriches the mind, encourages the heart, and lifts the spirits of those who apply the principles he offers from his insight. Eric’s unconventional wisdom provides practical strategies that anyone can implement and will have an immediate impact on their lives. For those people who have been looking for the key to unlock the doors to their ultimate achievement — to create the ultimate version of themselves — Eric Shoars is the locksmith they’ve been seeking.

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Books By Eric Shoars, Ph. D.

Triumph Cover

Triumph: Winning Big In Life With Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

by Dr. Eric Shoars, Ph. D.
Paperback, 130p
Janurary 2011

94% of people fail because they don't have a system for achieving their goals and because they give up too soon on their goals. Triumph shows how the application of patience, persistence, and perseverance can help people to get back on the path of the life they want, not the one with which they ended up.

Women Under Glass Cover

Women Under Glass: The Secret Nature of Glass Ceilings and the Steps to Overcome Them

by Eric Shoars, Ph. D.
Paperback, 128p
Dec. 2009
ISBN 1439264015

The ground-breaking work that - for the first time - shows the precise causes of glass ceilings and provides a blueprint for women to break through the barriers that are keeping them out of corner offices in American business.

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